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A Comprehensive Guide for Hawaiian Parents Looking for Childcare and Preschools

Every parent wants the best for their children, and that includes their education. The initial years of children are the building blocks for their futures, and an excellent preschool can be the stepping stone to their success. In Hawaii, the possibilities for childcare and preschool are abundant, and this guide will help you navigate your options, including the state-subsidized programs.

How to Choose a Childcare or Preschool

Deciding on the right facility for your child depends on several factors. It's crucial to look at the curriculum, child-teacher ratio, school hours, and location. Another significant aspect to consider is whether the school encourages parental engagement.

Once you’ve noted down your considerations, you can start researching. Fortunately, Hawaii’s Department of Human Services has an online Child Care Connection Hawaii system, where you can locate registered childcare providers near you.

State-Subsidized Options

The state of Hawaii offers several childcare or preschool assistance programs. These programs aim to help eligible families with the cost of preschool. Here are a few you might want to look into:

Preschool Open Doors (POD) Program:

The Preschool Open Doors program promotes school readiness by providing affordable, quality early childhood education. Families awarded POD subsidies can choose from over 400 licensed child care facilities.

Child Care Connection Hawaii (CCCH):

The Child Care Connection Hawaii Program provides subsidies to eligible families to help offset the costs of child care. It covers children under 13, children under 18 with special needs, and those in protective custody who are under court order for child care services.

How to Apply for State-Subsidized Programs

To apply, parents need to submit an application form which can be downloaded from the official website. You will also need to submit supporting documentation, such as proof of identification, school or work schedules, and income verification. Awarding of subsidies is dependent on such factors as income, family size, and the type of childcare or preschool chosen.


Choosing the right preschool is crucial for your child’s development, but can be a challenging task. Luckily, the state of Hawaii offers several programs to aid you in this process, ensuring quality education is accessible and affordable. Make sure you explore the above resources and apply for state subsidies if eligible. Your child's bright future starts with a solid foundation today.

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