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A Guide for Parents in Idaho Looking for Childcare or Preschools

Finding the right childcare or preschool for your child is a significant decision and should be made with careful thought and consideration. This guide seeks to help parents residing in the state of Idaho understand their options, as well as the state's resources and assistance programs to support childcare costs. Read on to learn about options from private daycare providers, preschools, and state-subsidized programs.

State-Subsidized Childcare Options in Idaho

The Idaho Child Care Program (ICCP) provides child care assistance to low-income, working families by paying a portion of childcare costs directly to certified childcare providers. The amount the program pays towards child care depends on a family's gross monthly income, the age of the child, and the amount of hours the child spends at the facility.

To qualify for ICCP, families must meet income guidelines, parents must be employed or in school, and children must be under the age of 13. The application process involves filling out an application form detailing family size and income, as well as providing proof of employment or education/training schedules. Applications can be submitted online through the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare website.

Preschool Options in Idaho

Idaho does not provide state-funded, universal preschool, but various local, federal, and private sources offer preschool options. Head Start and Early Head Start programs are federally funded and serve low-income families with children pre-natal to age five. You can find Head Start programs in most Idaho counties by calling your local Health and Welfare office or searching the Head Start Locator online.

Other preschool options include programs run by public schools, private preschools, and family home care providers. These options vary widely by cost, curriculum, and hours of availability. Use the IdahoSTARS "Search for Child Care" online tool to find preschools and childcare providers that meet your specific needs.

Choosing The Right Childcare Or Preschool For Your Child

When selecting a childcare or preschool provider, consider your child's age, personality, and developmental needs. Look for providers with quality ratings on the IdahoSTARS website, visit facilities in person, ask about staff qualifications, and consider the program's curriculum and daily schedule. Also, always check that the provider is licensed and has a clean health and safety history.

Finding More Information

For further details on childcare assistance, contact the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. Check out the Idaho Parent Information Resource Center's website for resources on early learning and school readiness. Additionally, IdahoSTARS, a project of the University of Idaho, offers comprehensive information and resources for finding quality childcare and education for young children.

Finding the perfect childcare or preschool may take a bit of time, but with these resources and tips, you are well on your way to making the best decision for your child's early education and care.

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