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A Guide for Parents in Ohio Looking for Childcare or Preschools

Finding the right childcare or preschool for your child in Ohio can be challenging, but thankfully, our state provides several resources and programs for parents. Whether it’s private daycare, state-subsidized childcare or preschools, knowing all your options is crucial in making an informed decision. This guide will provide an overview of the various alternatives available and a walk-through on how to apply for support if you're eligible.

Overview of Childcare and Preschools in Ohio

Irrespective of your family's needs, Ohio offers a vast range of childcare and preschool options. Some popular choices include:

  • Private Childcare Centers
  • Public Preschools
  • Home-based Childcare Services
  • Head Start Programs

Each type provides different programs and standards. For instance, Head Start programs offer comprehensive early childhood education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services. Consider each option thoroughly and decide which one aligns best with your child's needs.

State-Subsidized Options

Ohio also provides state-subsidized options for families who need financial assistance. These include:

  • Ohio Head Start: A federal program for children from low-income families. It provides education, health, and social services.
  • The Publicly Funded Child Care (PFCC) Program: This program pays for part or all the childcare costs for families who meet certain income requirements.

Applying for State-Subsidized Options

If you feel your family might qualify for financial aid, consider applying for state-subsidized programs. The application processes for Ohio Head Start and PFCC are as follows:

Head Start

  1. Contact your local Head Start Agency. A list is available on the Ohio Head Start Association's website. They will guide you through the application process.
  2. You will need to provide proof of income, such as pay stubs or tax returns.

Publicly Funded Child Care (PFCC)

  1. Apply online at the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services' website or download and print an application form, complete it and mail it to your local county Department of Job and Family Services.
  2. You will need to provide certain documents, such as proof of identity, residence, income, and child's birth certificate, along with the application.

Considerations When Choosing Childcare or Preschool

Besides the cost, there are a few critical factors to consider while choosing the right childcare or preschool:

  • Quality of teachers
  • Teacher to student ratio
  • Environment and cleanliness
  • Curriculum
  • References and reviews

Lastly, schedule a visit to the childcare center or preschool before making your final decision. You'll want to see where your child will be spending their time and meet the staff who will be interacting with your child on a daily basis.

By understanding all your options and taking the right steps, you can ensure a good start for your child's educational journey.

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