North Carolina ChildCare Preschool Centers

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Guide to Childcare and Preschools in North Carolina for Parents

Choosing quality childcare or preschool is an essential task for parents. In North Carolina, there are numerous options available ranging from private daycare centers, local preschools, and state-assisted programs. This guide will provide an outline on how to secure a suitable and safe learning environment for your child.

Overview of Childcare in North Carolina

In North Carolina, childcare options include family childcare homes, licensed childcare centers, and informal childcare. The Child Care Commission under the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) implements strong licensing requirements to maintain the standard and quality of child care statewide.

Preschools in North Carolina

Preschool programs are available for children aged 3-5 years. Some preschools operate independently, while others are part of the local school system. Several preschools also offer programs that cater to children with special needs.

State-subsidized Childcare and Preschools

For families that meet certain income, work, or education requirements, North Carolina offers state-subsidized childcare and preschools under the Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE). This includes the North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten (NC Pre-K) and the Subsidized Child Care Assistance programs.

North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten (NC Pre-K)

NC Pre-K is a state-funded, free program designed for four-year-old children who are at risk of school failure. To qualify, children must meet specific family income requirements or have developmental or educational needs. Enrollments take place in each county and information on application periods is available on the NC Pre-K Program website.

Subsidized Child Care Assistance

The Subsidized Child Care Assistance program helps eligible families pay for quality childcare. You must meet income eligibility requirements, and one or both parents must be engaged in work, school, or training. You must also choose a childcare provider participating in the program. Applications can be made through the local Department of Social Services (DSS) in your county.

Finding High-Quality Childcare

One excellent resource for families is the NC Child Care Search Portal. This tool allows parents to locate and access information about licensed childcare centers and family childcare homes. The portal helps parents make informed decisions based on their child's needs, including location, operation hours, and services offered.

Vacation and Summer Day Camps

North Carolina also offers numerous vacation and summer day camps for children. These can provide fun, educational experiences for children when they're out of school.


Choosing the best childcare or preschool environment is a critical decision. North Carolina provides multiple resources and programs to help you make an informed choice. Remember to consider factors such as your child's needs, your family's budget, and the reputation of the potential childcare provider or preschool when making your decision.

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